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Here you will find opportunities for purchasing materials that will support you in advancing  your progress in the study of the Feldenkrais Method. From time to time, I may recommend materials to an individual student.  If I recommend something, you can be sure that I have had personal experience with it.  You can ask me about any of these materials and I will give you an honest assessment to guide you.
I am enrolled in an affiliate program with each of these sources and I receive a small percentage of what you pay for these materials.  In any case, you would pay the same price, whether you purchased directly from them or through me.  If you choose to purchase through me, thank you for your support of my practice in this way.

Shop at Feldenkrais Resources

Feldenkrais Resources has the greatest selection of quality Feldenkrais Products I have seen so far. They are also one of the oldest somatic education organizations and the exclusive publisher of Moshe Feldenkrais’s programs for the public. Here you will be able to access an array of Feldenkrais books and recordings, representing a large number of the Feldenkrais practitioners in our community.  In addition, Feldenkrais Resources has just recently added the option to download a single audio lesson, instead of an entire set of CD’s!
To check out this panoply of  choices, just click on the icon below:

Alan Questel Products

Alan Questel was one of my trainers in my four-year Feldenkrais training program from which I received my certification in 1999.  I have attended his Advanced Training Programs and learned a great deal, both for myself and for my clients.  I have always found him to be very accessible and learning from him is a great deal of fun!  It is with pleasure that I recommend his CDs and DVD’s.  Charlotte Chavez, GCFP, Certified Bones for Life®

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