Never Too Young to Age Well! 

Graceful movement, Joyful aging!  Live your life as fully and with as much joy as possible !… a motto to live by  As a woman in her early 70’s, I have improved my ability to enjoy life, despite all the “kinks” along the way! I wish that I had encountered this work much earlier in my life before all my injuries that arose out of my lack of knowledge of how best to use myself.  Despite the fact that I didn’t find this work until I was 52, I can now look forward to many more rich years, enhanced by the skills  I’ve developed through my Feldenkrais® work……skills in moving well, which have influenced my way of thinking, feeling and sensing.

Imagine how your life would change if you could spend less time dealing with aches and pains that make you feel old and more time having all those enjoyable activities and experiences that you envision for your “play” time.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Feldenkrais  uses the fact that your body possesses an inherent intelligence.  It is a process of discovering of what has been lost in the functional use of yourself.  It is a system of teaching, by means of both private sessions or group classes where you can learn how to move better.  Though either modality alone can help you make progress, some combination of both can help you reach your goals more quickly, whether it is to get relief from pain and discomfort, avoid injury, or to improve your performance in your workout at the gym or your performance in a triathlon.  This method of learning allows your body to rediscover easier, freer ways to move.

Learning new ways to move can be  an essential part of dealing with chronic pain, orthopedic problems and stress-related conditions.  Improving the way you move means greater comfort and less stress performing everyday activities at work or home and achieving greater excellence and fulfillment in athletic and artistic pursuits.  As you expand your awareness of how you think, sense, feel, and move, the possibilities for personal improvement and human development are limitless!

Results you can expect:  This approach to learning reveals and alters habitual behaviors and ways of moving that cause chronic tension and pain. It results in improved posture and breathing. You will learn how to reduce stress, tension, and fatigue, ease pain and stiffness. You will develop efficient and flexible mobility.  You will avoid many of what are now thought to be the “risks of aging” and not only enjoy a longer  life but, by investing in yourself in this way, also avoid many of the financial and emotional costs now associated with aging.  Thus, studying the Feldenkrais Method is a good “career move” and an economically sound choice for living well and joyfully.

 Feldenkrais lessons give the benefit of an objective perspective from the standpoint of  both the practitioner and  the student. These lessons are a way to take stock of your inner self from a neutral orientation and learn to apply the most effective use of your body and mind while doing all the other things you want to do to support health and enjoy your life….lifting weights, walking, yoga, Zumba, dancing, attending concerts, traveling, etc.

Feldenkrais is different in these ways:

  • Approaches human development and improvement of functioning through a wide variety of unique physical movements
  • Internationally recognized for its demonstrated ability to improve posture, flexibility,  coordination, and self-image, as well as to alleviate muscular tension and pain and recover from surgery or injury
  • Two compelling and versatile applications:  Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) classes and Functional Integration ® private lessons.
  • Supports the integration of body and mind in the performance of any movement practice, such as yoga, gym workouts, walking, dancing, sitting or standing while working or attending events, etc.
  •  Improves well-being over time so that even long term habits retreat and new  approaches are learned, leaving one in a relaxed state by the end of each lesson, a state  that continues to endure long after the lesson is over.
  • ¨Provides a level of self-empowerment difficult to obtain by any other method.

The lessons build on one another so that the students improve their well being over time.  All, while leaving one in a relaxed state by the end of each lesson!

Feldenkrais movements are unique in that they engage the brain more fully than repetitive exercises.  The movements are so interesting and fun that they result in an awakening to possibilities of new, different and more functional patterns of behavior to use in your daily lives, life-changing ways unlike your habitual patterns.

I invite you to come and explore how you can
reclaim or improve your life!

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