Right now, things are pretty good for me and I still find that there’s always more to learn.  But at one time almost 40 years ago, my life had become pretty dismal.  It all started when I was around 36 years old, exploring my dream of being a potter.  I didn’t know how to use myself and I got into big trouble, using a kick wheel to make my pots, bending my spine sideways and out of shape, trying to create large ceramic pots….thinking that “bigger is better”!  It began with pain in my left side and hip and a great deal of difficulty sleeping.

I started going to a chiropractor and continued to do that for 8 years. I went on a four-day journey to Manhattan to visit a friend and carried far too heavy, unbalanced luggage. When I returned, my pain intensified when the floating rib on my left side twisted out of alignment.  By that point, I was no longer able to throw ceramic  pots, a circumstance that lasted for 10 years. I then developed breast cancer in 1991 and had a mastectomy on my right side, left my job as a clinical laboratory scientist at a local hospital and then developed an upper thoracic strain on my left side while working out on the “ski” machine at a health club.  It got so bad that I couldn’t open the slider in my kitchen or even open my refrigerator door!  I was in pain all of the time and felt very, very old.  My doctor put me on anti-depressants.

The only thing that gave me a glimmer of hope was a method called Feldenkrais ®.  I slowly began to emerge out of pain and get my life back.  I entered a four-year Feldenkrais training program in 1995.  Similar to creating ceramics,  I found that Feldenkrais requires sensitivity and creativity.  In 1999, I graduated from the program, having taken hundreds of hours of instruction each year.  I became, and still am, a Feldenkrais Practitioner.tch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I  have lived in Healdsburg, California since 1974, ending the last 7 years of my 30-year career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist at Healdsburg General Hospital.  I have found that my medical background has been a plus in working with my clients.

My classes and workshops are held at my Dry Creek Feldenkrais Studio, 8450 West Dry Creek Rd in the beautiful Dry Creek Valley.   I have taught at local health clubs in Sonoma County.  I also am a certified Bones for Life instructor and have taught this Feldenkrais-based, bone strengthening body of work at the  Healdsburg Yoga Studio and in the Dry Creek Feldenkrais Studio.  Over the past 18 years I have also taught at the Santa Rosa YMCA, the Windsor Senior Center, Becoming Independent, the Breast Cancer Research Study for current patients and survivors, and at Parkpoint Health Club. 

This work is about empowering yourself with the tools to release yourself from pain and not get “stuck” in a hopeless place without an inviting future.  It can help you to find comfort in your body so that pain no longer takes up all your sleeping and waking moments, but in addition,it can allow you to accomplish more in your life by learning how to stay balanced, manage any moments of pain, handle any setbacks, going beyond them to recover your joy in life. You may even be able, in Moshe Feldenkrais’ words, “to realize your unavowed dreams”…dreams you may not have even  known you had!  Now that’s worth a great deal!!

I have experience working with a variety of clients in private sessions, such as stroke patients, people with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or post polio syndrome, musicians, artists, people with chronic neck and shoulder and/or lower back and knee  pain, recovering from hip joint surgery, as well as people suffering from fibromyalgia.

I am a person who has had many challenges in my 73 years and I have been learning and teaching this work for over 15 of them.  I am passionate about this work!!

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